“I would like to thank you for your genuinely personal service you provided me when I was looking for a new position. I will keep your name in mind for others I know who may want a great recruiter. I sincerely thank you for all your efforts.” --Christine P.

“I wanted to tell you once again how grateful I am that we were able to work together to bring me here to my new company to work. It hasn’t always been a bed of roses, but we have made great progress toward really being able to design and implement a health information department that functions like I’ve always dreamed it would—really making a difference in the quality of patient data so that we can truly impact patient care outcomes positively. Thanks for being there for me at a critical time so that this pathway opened up. You’re the best!” --Connie T.

“Thanks again for all of your help in retaining my dream job! :)” --Danyiel B.

“I never dreamed I would be working this time last year. I look forward to working every day. None of it would’ve happened if not for you.” --Laura B.

“Thank you also for posting the resume tips on your website. It offered suggestions and answers to many questions I've had for quite some time.” --Tamala L.

“I will be accepting this offer tomorrow. This is the second time you have moved me along in my career path and I am very grateful! Of course I told my current boss that he needs to talk to you when looking for my replacement. I hope you get them someone wonderful!” --Lisa T.

“I just had my first quarterly evaluation yesterday. Apparently this company loves me and I love this company! Thanks again and always for all you did for me.” --Bev J.

“I appreciate very much your candid assessment of the opportunities and timeline that appears to be unfolding going forward. This is a crucial decision on my end, and I therefore am grateful for your respecting that and being helpful.” --Jane W.

“I would like to thank you for your assistance in all the aspects of securing a good position for me and also with expediting information from the other possible offers so there were some options available to me. Again, my thanks and I will be happy to refer any qualified coders/HIM people to you in the future. My first experience with a recruiter was disappointing, so I am grateful for your level of knowledge about the HIM field and its sometimes peculiar nature, and for your utmost professionalism. I have certainly been the beneficiary of your diligent work.” -- Jane W.

“After 5 months of searching on my own, one call to H.I.M. Recruiters and I was on my way to finding my perfect job. If I had to do it over again, I would have called H.I.M. Recruiters first! Doug Ellie was able to narrow my goals, desires, talents and accomplishments down in such a way as to direct me to the most appropriate employer. I now have a new, exciting career ahead of me, thanks to his expertise in recruitment. Thanks, Doug and thank you H.I.M. Recruiters!” -- Katie D.

“Perry and his staff truly exhibit superior professionalism and possess an in depth understanding of the Health Information Industry, they are truly yours in service!” -- Felisha B.

"Perry has provided exemplary candidates to me as a hospital HIM client, and has also successfully placed me in exceptional jobs in the past. He is so well respected in the industry that everyone wants to work with him. I recommend him without reservation." -- Connie T.

"It is always a pleasant and positive experience working with Perry. He has a wide net of connections and colleagues and is the recruiter of choice for many healthcare organizations." -- Tamar G.

“Again you have ushered in a new direction for my career progression! I've just returned from a whirlwind two day orientation. I have confidence that this is a good job fit. Thank you again for all your hard work to bring this about. I am well pleased!” -- Lisa T.

“H.I.M. Recruiters provides a unique recruitment experience because they are devoted to placement of health information management professionals. Directed by a HIM professional, the firm is able to find top-ranking HIM positions and match renowned HIM careerists to specific qualifications due to Perry Ellie's long-standing, trusted presence within the HIM field. I would highly recommend his work for HIM professionals seeking opportunities at all levels.” -- Dwan T.

“This job is much more than I expected and could imagine. Being able to work for this company brings a different meaning to work and just life. One more time I want to thank you for this journey and my new job.” -- Rita I.

“I am just so pleased with H.I.M. Recruiters. I will definitely pass your contact information on to anyone I come into contact with and tell them what a respectable and wonderful experience I have had from the very beginning.” -- Allyson M.

“I want to thank you for all that you did for me during my job search.  I can truly say knowing that you will understand…I hope I will NOT have to get in touch with you again regarding a job search for quite some time, but you just never know.  You are an exemplary recruiter, as I am sure many people have told you.  For me personally, it was so nice to have a recruiter that would listen to my needs rather than just focusing on placing me somewhere. I wish you continued success and if there is ever anything I can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Thank you again, Perry.” -- Sharon G.

“The other two new team members and I are having a blast learning and becoming acquainted with each other. The company has been very gracious to us. I am impressed at the integrity of each of the new team members.  It appears that you have chosen very good and capable people that will do great things for the company. I would like to thank you for this opportunity- I wouldn't be here without you!” -- Robin R.

“At AHIMA we have a long standing relationship with Perry related to HIM recruitment. He is well respected in the HIM industry and certainly well aware of HIM job opportunities across the country.” -- Kathryn D.

“I will definitely give out your name to those I know looking for jobs and needing someone of quality to help them find it!  Working for this company is great.  I have such pride when I am asked who I work for.” -- Kathy B.