After the Interview

Sending a personalized thank you note goes much farther than most people realize. It shows that you're willing to "go above and beyond" and it also serves as a reminder of your candidacy. It is advisable to send your note via email to ensure that your interviewer receives it in time. Time is of the essence!

Your thank you note should address these points:

  • Thank them again for their time
  • Express your ongoing interest in the position
  • Follow-up on any key points that you feel a strong need to do so
  • Share your availability for future steps

Keep in mind that thank you letters should be short (no more than six to 10 sentences), so be as concise as possible.

Additional Follow-up
If you tell the interviewer you'll send a list of references or any other information tomorrow morning, make sure you do it. Keeping your word and answering requests in a timely manner speaks volumes about the type of employee you might be.

Know When to Sit Tight
If an interviewer requests that you follow up by phone in a week, respect her wishes. Calling the next day can be construed as pushy and desperate.

Keep Thinking and Learning about the Company
Be prepared for additional interviews or follow-up phone calls by continuing to research the organization and the field. Gain new information about a topic brought up in conversation. Think of additional questions you'd like answered. These actions show the employer that you didn't stop caring about the company after the interview was over.

Networking should never stop. If you have contacts and connections with anyone who might influence the hiring decision, or who actually knows the interviewer, ask them to put a good word in for you.

Accept Rejection with Grace
Finally, keep emotions in check and don't burn bridges if someone else gets hired. One never knows what the future might hold. The accepted candidate may not work out, or a different opportunity may open up.